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What is Persian Blue Salt?

Blue salt is an edible salt known as one of the best salts in the world due to its extensive mineral utilization. Considering that salt is the most popular food seasoning in the world, physicians always emphasize that different conditions should be considered for its consumption. Blue salt can also create a disinfectant solution and is very strong.

Very high-quality Persian blue salt It is a luxury salt in different countries. With the advancement of technology and according to extensive research on this crystalline salt, its nutritional value is well represented and today it is called a luxury and an essential ingredient in the world’s major restaurants and stores.

This rare Iranian salt obtains its attractive color from the mineral of potassium chloride, which is naturally located in the salt’s crystalline structure.

Unlike sea salts that use salt ponds to extract them, crystal blue salt is a deposition and accumulation that, about 250 million years ago, its crystals formed in lakes and seas. This salt acquires its unique and unique color of potassium chloride as a quality mineral. At first glance, many people may think that various synthetic compounds have been used on it to create a special appearance.

However, you should know that there are no artificial additives in it and the crystalline structure of blue salt is completely normal. This salt stone is obtained from the mines of Semnan mountains and specifically in Garmsar city.

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The Health Benefits of Persian blue salt is:

  • Disinfection and antibacterial properties
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Regulating body balance, strong anti-stress
  • Sleep Regulation
  • Help with digestion
  • Fix some breathing problems
  • Increased immunity
  • Prevents muscle spasms
  • Useful for oral health

Where to buy Persian blue salt?

The unique properties of Blue salt as an extraordinary mineral have led many vendors to sell counterfeit products by exploiting consumer lack of awareness. For this reason, we recommend you get your need from a reputable vendor to buy blue salt. The diagnosis of original and fake Blue salts will be made by experts.

If you want to buy blue salt, thanks to our experience and expertise in this field, our website provides you with the highest quality type of salt. 

The reasons why Persian Blue salt is expensive

Blue salt is one of the most expensive salts in the world because of its special flavor and elegance used in large and modern restaurants. The blue veins in the salt stone have also led to the expensiveness of this salt.

Other factors include the limitation of Blue salt mines. In world, Blue salt is found in three other places except for Iran, but only Persian Blue salt is edible and of great value. That’s why there’s very little to produce..

Iranian blue salt is the best and finest salt

Iranian blue salt is one of the rarest salts in the world and the main reason for its blue color is the presence of magnesium in the composition of this rare salt. One of the reasons this salt benefits our health is the presence of various minerals in its composition that make our body healthy..

MagnesiumThe main reason for this stone’s blue and eye-catching color is the presence of this mineral. But it has other applications that we can use to create energy, protein formation, muscle movement, etc. Let’s point it out.

PotassiumPersian blue salt is rich in potassium. This mineral helps reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular health. It is also very useful for muscle strength and bone strength and plays a role in some important body processes and reactions. You may be surprised that a diet high in potassium reduces the risk of death by 20 percent.

SodiumSodium is one of the minerals found in the composition of Persian Blue salt. Our bodies need a small amount of sodium to contract and relax muscles. It also balances the ratio of Blue and minerals in the body.

CalciumAn important and needed ingredient for all living things is calcium. The presence of this element is much needed for muscle contraction and cardiovascular system. It is also essential for bone health and for the growth and maintenance of bones in the body. Approximately 99% of the body’s calcium is in the bones.

Dairy products are one of the most famous sources of calcium among people. Although many people do not know that Iran’s Blue salt is a good source of minerals such as calcium.

IronThis mineral found in salt composition is necessary in improving hemoglobin function and oxygen conversion.

Negative ionsThe presence of negative ions in this salt stone is the cause of many problems, especially mental illnesses such as stress, depression, insomnia, boredom, fatigue, etc. Is.

Properties of Persian blue Rock Salt:

Semnan blue salt is rich in nutrients. Minerals extracted from the mountains of Iran are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Since only a few tons are extracted annually, it is one of the rarest salts in the world. Because it is rich in potassium, Persian blue diamond salt can provide an additional source of this vital mineral. Adequate potassium intake is essential for a healthy heart.

Persian blue salt Price

How to calculate the price of blue salt? The price of blue salt is provided based on the purity of the salt.

Crystal blue salt stones are several models. It’s a premium blue salt model. The other model is based on grade 1 to grade 4. Premium blue salt is the finest type of salt. The larger and bolder the size, the higher the quality, also called privileged or collectible. The lower the purity of the salt, the less suitable it is for the same price as the Blue salt..
The crystal blue salt stone is also called Delnamek. Excellent delnemak from Semnan and Garmsar cities. This type of salt should not be obtained from Jahrom city because the salt of this city smells of sulfur and comes out of that gas.

The global name of Persian blue salt knows blue salt. Major Buy Semnan blue salt It’s from European countries. Because they must be very aware of the benefits of blue salt for their health. Semnan Blue Salt Due to having minerals such as silver, iron, calcium, potassium, under pressure and certain weather conditions, it is turned blue. Itself the largest major supplier Blue and pink salt in Iran Is. Buy original blue salt Take out the company Ersaly Want.

Is Persian Blue Salt better or pink salt?

Just as blue salt has unique properties, another type called pink salt or Himalayan salt is extracted in Pakistan and the Punjab region. Each of these condiments has an unparalleled nutritional value. However, Iranian blue salt is known as an unparalleled option for people who suffer from hypertension.
This salt, due to the large volume of potassium, calcium and magnesium it brings with it, in addition to regulating blood pressure, helps people to solve some respiratory problems by taking it. Blue salt is also a unique option for enhancing immunity.
On the opposite side, pink salt can also be known as a perfect oral for the treatment of hypothyroidism as well as regulating blood sugar. This salt will help treat cramps as well as improve digestion and digestion.
In response to the question that blue salt is better or pink salt, we can say that the different salts in them will each show their effectiveness in solving several body problems.

Why is Persian blue salt so expensive?

Persian Blue salt, which is available in the blue salt store, is at least 100 million years old and is formed by evaporation of seas and lakes inside the country. This salt is usually extracted from the mines of the Lut Plain desert in Semnan province.
The extraction of Blue salt is difficult and several tons of ordinary salt stones are needed to obtain only streaks of blue salt. In fact, since only a few tons of Blue salt is extracted annually and on the other hand, its origin is only mines in Semnan province in Iran. This salt is one of the rarest salty additives in the world.
The scarcity of Persian Blue salt is the main reason for its relatively high price.
On the other hand, blue salt has many health benefits, making it popular. The 13% potassium content makes water salt one of the best sources of this vital mineral. Potassium plays an important role in muscle function, including heart muscle. As a result, consumption of that amount guarantees the health of your heart.

Where is the Persian blue salt mine?

blue salt is known as one of the best minerals in the world. Considering that only the mine of this salt is located for extraction in Iran, it is of great importance. The only blue salt mine in the world is located in Semnan province and Garmsar county. It is interesting to know how to extract this salt in such a way that, like gold mining, miners have to dig. The drilling time of the blue salt mine is also very long and is also known as a difficult and time-a-time process. Huge amounts of rock salt are crushed to get beautiful blue crystals.

Buy Persian blue salt

Iranian blue salt or Persian blue salt has unique health benefits. From antiseptic and antibacterial properties to unique food and excellent seasoning to regulate blood pressure, they are considered as characteristics and properties of this salt. Many people who suffer from hypertension should consider several points in food consumption and various seasonings. To increase the immune system and also to treat neurological problems, the consumption of blue salt in Iran is a practical option.

Buy Semnan blue salt

Besides Semnan province is known as an active province in the field of pistachio production, the placement of a particular salt mine has led to the global market’s view of the province. The only mineral in which blue salt is extracted was located in Semnan province, supplying it to the world with high potassium and unparalleled nutritional value.

Buy Garmsar blue salt

Although Garmsar blue salt is a unique product for the world, but unfortunately, in our country, this product is less known. Perhaps if more advertising is done in the country in the field of Garmsar blue salt, many people will prefer to consume blue salt because of the high quality of this product and its unique nutritional value. The exported blue salt stone that is extracted only exists in Garmsar city. Even though traces of this salt rock can be found in some nearby cities, none of them will have the quality of the salt rock of the Garmsar mine.

Advantage of Garmsar Blue salt

Garmsar blue salt which is the same as Persian blue salt It has crystalline stones that retain its crystalline and crystalline state even after crushing and does not become milled.

Persian blue rock salt market

Salt mines are among these mines, that salt stones are located inside them and blue rock salt stone is one of the types of salt that its extraction occurs in Garmsar city and Blue salt has not been observed anywhere in the world except Iran and the presence of Garmsar Blue salt stone is a wonder in the world.

The market for blue salt stones is more prosperous in American and European countries today, and the abundant potassium in Blue salt stones causes sedation to human nerves and psyche, which is why many people buy and use this stone in these countries.

Selling blue rock salt

Since streaks of blue and pink salt stones are found in salt mines, this issue has reduced the tonnage of Blue salt extraction and has made less than ordinary stones. In this regard, since Blue salt is scarce, it has caused its selling price to be high in the global market.

This salt is considered an expensive and luxurious salt in the market, and determining its price depends on the amount of purchase and inventory it has.

Price of Persian blue salt stone

The price of buying and selling blue salt stones under the influence of crystalline or non-crystalline type of this mineral is very low, so that if you have the hydro-salt stone Garmsar naturally will have a much higher price than Semnan Blue salt stone.

Of course, if you want to use blue salt stone for personal collection or beauty, naturally the price story will be very different because the big pieces of this salt stone should be separated that large pieces of blue salt stone are very expensive because they are scarce and some interested people are just buying it.


The combination of light blue color with white color is also very attractive in this salt stone, that’s why some buyers order its hand folded type.

Of course, edible samples of blue salt stone because it is composed of blue and white have a more reasonable price and always remember that blue salt stone tends to white after breaking and crushing and blue spots can be seen inside it.

How is it possible to buy blue salt stones?

Blue salt stone, although scarce, the demand for it in the market is very high. If you’re going too Buy Blue salt stones It is suggested that you do not spend your time searching the internet sites directly to Our Site See which one of the best sites in the field of shopping and Sale of salt stones Is.

Why does salt turn blue?

In general, the natural salt stones found in the mines are normally colorless, and we find this through crystalline salt rock, which is the purest type of salt stone in nature.

Crystalline salt stones that have been the result of drying lakes over millions of years are completely colorless and glassy, but in some mines, salt stones have other minerals inside that those minerals cause the color of the salt stone or, better to say, its coloring.

Blue salt stone is no exception and because of its potassium mineral, its color has changed to blue, which looks like this.

Price of Persian blue diamond salt

The original salt stone has many advantages and applications in different fields and also has a reasonable price. The use of this product in various fields such as Fengshui is the most widely used and can bring many advantages. Natural salt stone has many characteristics and therefore it is recommended to most people.

Sale of the purest type of Iranian blue salt stone:

Where to buy a Persian Blue salt?

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How to buy original Persian Blue salt

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