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Persian Macram Tapestry for wall hanging

Persian Macrame Tapestry art is a type of wall decoration that uses textiles as the main material. Artists use various materials to make tapestry wall decorations, such as raffia, cotton, linen, wool, and leather rugs. You can find these beautiful Persian handicrafts in our collection at the Ersaly online store.

Textile art is the basic skill of tapestry making, and artists layer tapestries on other materials to make them more distinctive. Textile designers can make different patterns and styles by using different weaving techniques.

When creating a Persian Macrame tapestry, specific terms exist for the ropes and the process. The horizontal textile that is woven repeatedly is the “weft” thread. The vertical materials that support the tapestry are the “warp” threads. The textile designer presses the weft threads to make a solid textile.

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