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Golestan Tea, Rice, Saffron, Pistachio

Tea is not simply a hot drink. It is a discourse; It is not without factor that it bears the name of “the most popular beverage in the world”. Consuming it eases fatigue and brings a common sense of calm.

For individuals of Iran, the name of Golestan is related to tea; the earliest item of the Golestan collection is ready and packaged with the most modern-day and sanitary gadgets on the planet. What has actually made its clients trust Golestan for a life time is its remarkable quality, fragrance and taste.

Counting On over half a century of experience in preparing and integrating various kinds of tea, Golestan Business has actually bought the very best kinds of tea from leading producing areas such as India, Ceylon and Kenya, and according to Iranian taste, in order to accomplish the very best fragrance and taste. And the color is integrated with using unique gadgets in a specific ratio and crammed in various weights and used in the market.

why Golestan Tea?

The excellent tea of India Golestan is a hand-picked gold from the finest leaves and buds of the tea plant that has been made on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in the Assam and Darjeeling lands of India. This tea has a natural flavor of traditional Indian tea. The brewing time of this tea is 8 to 12 minutes.

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