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What is Minakari (Enamel Pottery)?

Minakari, commonly known as enamel pottery, is a centuries-old art form originating in the Isfahan region of Iran. This traditional art form involves hand-painting intricate designs and colorful enamels onto pottery and copper pieces. The enamels are fired and cooled to create a glassy, durable, vibrant surface.

Minakari, also known as Enamel Pottery, is a traditional Persian handicraft that involves the art of painting and decorating metal objects with vibrant enamel colors. It is a meticulous and intricate process that requires skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. The technique involves fusing powdered glass onto a metal surface, typically copper, through firing processes.

Minakari (Enamel Pottery)

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History of Enameling on Pottery

The history of enameling on pottery dates back centuries and is still practiced today. This traditional art form involves hand-applying colorful enamels to pottery and copper pieces to create unique and stunning art pieces. The enamels are fired and cooled to create a glassy, durable, and beautiful surface.

What is Persian Minakari Enamel Pottery?

Persian Minakari enamel pottery is a type of Persian art that involves inlaying various materials into metal. It is believed to have originated in the 15th century in Iran, where it is still practiced today. The practice has also spread to Central Asia, Turkey, and the Caucasus. The inlaid materials used in Minakari enamel pottery include silver, gold, copper, brass, tin, stones, glass, and other items.

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