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What are Qom Rug and Carpet

Qom rugs and carpets (or Qum, Ghom, Ghum) are made in the Qom Province of Iran,

Qom is a type of Persian rug and carpet characterized by intricate patterns and designs. It originated in Iran and is now produced in a variety of countries, including India and Pakistan.

Qom rugs are usually made from wool or cotton and feature intricate geometric, floral, and animal motifs. The patterning of a Qom rug is often intricate and complex, requiring the skills of a master weaver to create the intricate and delicate patterns. Furthermore, the colors used in Qom rugs often have a special significance.

For example, red and blue are seen as symbols of protection and fertility. Additionally, the colors used often have religious symbolism, with yellow and green being associated with the Zoroastrian religion, and green and blue being associated with Islam.