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Persian handmade Rug
Handmade Rug
Kilim Rugs, persian Kilim carpet
Kilim Rugs
tabriz handmade Rug, tabriz carpet
Tabriz City Rug
ERSALY – Iranian Online Store
Heriz City Rug
Persian silk carpet, silk Rug
Silk Rugs
Gabbeh carpet, persian Gabbeh Rug
Gabbeh Rugs
Kashan Rugs, Kashan carpet
Kashan City Rug
ERSALY – Iranian Online Store
Nain City Rug
Vintage Rugs, Vintage carpets
Vintage Rugs
Patched Rugs, Patched carpets
Patched Rugs
isfahan Rugs, isfahan carpets
Isfahan City Rug
ERSALY – Iranian Online Store
Nahavand City Rug
old carpet, old Worked Rug
Wool Area Rugs
Modern Rugs, Modern carpet
Modern Rugs
kerman carpet, kerman Rug
Kerman City Rug
ERSALY – Iranian Online Store
Qom City Rug

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ERSALY – Iranian Online Store

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The right size rug gives your room the perfect feel. We can help make it easy.

Over Size Area Rug
Over Size Rug 10x14& UP
Large size Area Rug
Large Size Rug 8x10-9x12
Medium Size Area Rug
Medium Size Rug 5x8-6x9
ERSALY – Iranian Online Store
Small Rug 2x3-4x6
ERSALY – Iranian Online Store
Runner Rug 2x6-2x14
Runnd & Square area Rug
Round & Square Kitchen & dining Rug

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  • Ersaly store is one of the major Carpet companies and representatives of most handmade Rug brands, which was established in September 2016 with the aim of providing direct carpets to customers.
  • In Ersaly you can see a great variety of traditional gabbehs, kilims, modern and fantasy rugs and Persian rugs.
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