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Persian rugs are very popular and well-known for their outstanding quality.

Persian rugs are made of natural colors and fine woolen threads that give them precious value. They have been produced in Iran (formerly Persia) for centuries with traditional patterns and designs that create a cozy and comfortable feeling in your home. Persian rugs also symbolize a sustainable luxury.

Persian rugs are loved by home decor fans, as they show royalty. They are made in a country where carpet weaving is more than a job but a rich tradition. Iranian rugs are beautiful works of art with designs that reflect the culture of the Iranian people.

Persian Rug & Persian Carpet

Persian rugs and carpets are exquisite art handcrafted by skilled artisans in Iran. These beautiful floor coverings are known for their intricate designs, superior craftsmanship, and luxurious materials. For thousands of years, Persian rugs have symbolized elegance and sophistication in interior design.

Persian Rug Price

The typical cost of an Iranian rug is between $ 200 and $ 700, depending on the dimension, product, and kind of layout. Rates can be enhanced based on elements such as age or rarity. For instance, you would pay even more for an antique than a modern item. At Persian Handmade Rug, the rates are various since we provide excellent quality Rugs that are flawlessly woven. Our variety begins at $ 699 and goes to greater rates depending on styles and dimensions. One of the most pricey Persian rugs will certainly be about $ 10,000.

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