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Persian Rugs & Persian Carpets :

Traditional Persian rugs are quite popular and well known. It is surprising and certainly not a secret that this is due to their exceptional quality.
Oriental Persian Rugs, natural colors and fine woolen threads are the hallmarks of precious Persian rugs that have been produced in Iran (present-day Iran) for centuries. It is again in demand in traditional patterns and designs to bring warmth and comfort to your home. In addition, Persian rugs represent a sustainable luxury.
A rage among home decor enthusiasts, Persian rugs are the epitome of royalty. Made in the country where carpet weaving is not just a profession but a leading tradition, Iranian rugs are a magnificent work of art with designs inspired by the lifestyle of the Iranian natives.

What is the typical price of Persian Rugs?

The typical cost of an Iranian rug is in between $ 200 and also $ 700, relying on the dimension, product and also kind of layout. Rates can enhance based upon elements such as age or rarity. For instance, you would certainly pay even more for an antique than a modern item. At Persian Rug, the rates are various, since we provide excellent quality Rugs that are flawlessly woven. Our variety begins with $ 699 to greater rates relying on styles as well as dimensions. One of the most pricey Persian rug will certainly be about $ 10,000.

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