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99 beads Tasbih, also known as Misbaha or Muslim prayer beads, is a string of beads Muslims use to keep track of their dhikr or remember Allah. The Tasbih is made up of 99 beads, representing the 99 names of Allah in Islam.

Using 99 beads, Tasbih has many spiritual benefits, including improving focus and concentration during prayer, increasing mindfulness, and strengthening one’s connection with Allah. Additionally, reciting the 99 names of Allah using the Tasbih is believed to bring blessings and forgiveness.

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99 Beads Tasbih Benefits

99 Beads Tasbih is a traditional Islamic prayer bead commonly used for reciting the 99 names of Allah. It typically consists of 99 beads (hence the name) plus one additional larger bead called the “Imam” bead, which is used to mark the beginning and end of each cycle of recitation.

Some benefits of using a 99 Beads Tasbih during prayer include increased mindfulness, deeper spiritual connection, and improved focus during recitation. It can also be a physical reminder of one’s devotion and commitment to their faith.

Additionally, using a 99 Beads Tasbih for prayer can provide peace and comfort and be a source of strength during difficult times. It is also a symbol of Islamic heritage and culture.

99 Seeds Tasbih Price

The price of 99 beads tasbih can vary depending on the material, quality, and design. Wooden tasbihs are usually the most affordable option, ranging from a few dollars to over 20 to over $100.


  • What is the significance of the number 99 in a 99 Beads Tasbih?

The number 99 represents the 99 names of Allah in Islam.

  • How is a 99 Beads Tasbih used in Islamic prayer?

A 99 Beads Tasbih is used to keep count of the times the worshipper recites one of the 99 names of Allah during their prayer.

  • What materials are commonly used to make 99 Beads Tasbih?

The beads can be made from wood, stone, bone, or even precious silver or gold. The thread holding the beads together is often made of strong and durable materials like silk or nylon.