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We have many Iranian hand woven tableau rugs with different designs. If you don’t find what you want, or you want a custom design with your photo, We can produce a custom tableau rug for you, with the photo of your choice, using our 1200 reeds rug machine, which can create a tableau rug that is exactly like a hand woven one. You can get your custom tableau rug in 7 days. To order a custom tableau rug, please visit Custom printed rug page. Thank you for choosing the Ersaly store.

Pictorial Rug Tableau

A Pictorial Rug Tableau is a type of rug that is meant to be hung on walls. These rugs are usually hand-woven and are often made of wool or silk. They are intricately designed and often feature intricate patterns and motifs. 

They are most commonly found in Persian and Middle Eastern cultures and other countries worldwide. These rugs provide a unique and beautiful piece of art to any room in your home.

The term “tableau” refers to the fact that these rugs are usually made in a particular pattern or design. This can include geometric shapes, animals, flowers, or other motifs. The colors and textures of these rugs can also be quite varied. This makes them perfect for adding a unique and beautiful touch to any room in your home.

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