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Gorgeous Persian Rug nomad from Shiraz:

Shiraz carpet by nomadic and also city musicians that reside in as well as around Shiraz in southerly Iran. The city of Shiraz with yards, burial places of poets as well as old Persepolis in Fars district, which is called after Persia, contemporary Iran.

Shiraz Rugs are easy Persian rugs made from the wool of the area. The all-natural fabric is refined to a knot thickness of 80,000-160,000 knots per square meter. Rugs primarily originate from nomadic manufacturing. Ghaschghai-nomads reside in the city location, weaving carpets going back to old times. The rugs they generate are sold the city’s markets either under Ghashghai, abadeh rug or under the name Shiras (Shiraz)….

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