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Date seed coffee is a treatment method for kidney stones and gallbladders. Date seed coffee contains amino acids, oxalic acid, and fibers useful for the digestive system and its high capacity for weight loss. The consumption of Date Seed Coffee can be very helpful in weight loss and slimming in obese people. Hence, Date Seed Coffee doubles the calorie fuel content and is the best option for diabetics because it controls their blood sugar.

Date Seed Coffee

Where to buy date seed coffee?

You may wonder where to start if you want to buy date seed coffee. Luckily, there are several options available, including online stores like Ersaly.

Ersaly is an online shop specializing in Iranian and Middle Eastern products, including date seed coffee. Their date seed coffee is made from 100% pure and organic date seeds and is a popular alternative to regular coffee due to its unique flavor and health benefits.

Date Seed Coffee benefits

Therapeutic and effective effects :

  1. Effective in the treatment and control of diabetes
  2. Effective in resolving digestive problems
  3. Effective in controlling blood pressure
  4. Effective in strengthening and helping hair and nail growth, rejuvenation, and skin freshness.
  5. Effective in the excretion of kidney and bladder stones
  6. Effective in increasing breast milk
  7. Effective in regulating female hormones
  8. Effective in reducing and treating joint pain
  9. Effective in the treatment of prostate
  10. Effective on strengthening the nervous system, sedation, and helping to improve neurological diseases
  11. Strong antioxidant and wound healing, anti-all kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses

Date seed coffee taste

In addition to being consumed as a hot drink, this product has unique characteristics in treating and reducing complications of some diseases. To everyone who has no experience drinking this traditional coffee and native tea,

How to Make Date Seed Coffee?

Add two tablespoons of date seed coffee to water close to the teapot, boil and boil for one minute and brew for 20 minutes. To sweeten it, it is also better to use honey or candy or to spend it with dates. – Mix 2 tablespoons of date seed coffee with milk (depending on taste with warm or cold milk, but for more pleasure than its flavor and aroma, it is better to add in boiling milk and boil for a minute).

  • Method 1: Using mokapat machine (mocha teapot), these devices also, due to the withdrawal of water vapor with four times pressure on the coffee powder, can create color, flavor, and flavor of the coffee.
  • Method 2: Use special cups of herbal tea that you can pour one to one and a half tablespoons of date kernel coffee with a glass of boiling water in these glasses and then put on the steam of the samovar or kettle for 5 precise to brew it and then after pressing the flat glass of herbal tea until the end, please eat the remaining coffee. .
  • Method 3: If you do not have any of the desired devices, you can use terka (boiled coffee) to pour one to one and a half tablespoons of coffee in it and add a glass of boiling water for 5 minutes to brew it and eat it or do the same in the teapot and put it on the kettle for 5 minutes.

Powder Date Seed Coffee Price

Date seed coffee is a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional coffee made from the roasted seeds of dates. Ersaly Store offers a wide selection of high-quality date seed coffee at competitive prices. Our carefully curated collection ensures that you’ll find the perfect blend to suit your taste while enjoying the numerous health benefits of this caffeine-free beverage. Experience the rich flavor and unique aroma of date seed coffee by exploring our range of options at Ersaly Store.

Roasted Date Seed Coffee

Roasted date seed coffee is created by carefully roasting the seeds of dates, resulting in a rich, flavorful beverage with a unique aroma. The roasting process brings out the date seeds’ natural flavors and subtle sweetness, offering a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional coffee that can be enjoyed any time of day.