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About Bahraman Saffron

Behraman saffron is a premium Iranian saffron highly regarded for its exceptional quality and distinct characteristics. Sourced from the finest saffron farms in Iran, Behraman saffron is known for its vibrant color, strong aroma, and rich flavor. It is carefully handpicked and undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure purity and potency.

This high-quality saffron is an essential ingredient in Persian cuisine and is treasured for its unique taste and aroma. Whether you’re looking to enhance the flavor of your dishes or indulge in the luxurious experience of Iranian saffron, Behraman saffron, available at the Ersaly store, is a perfect choice for discerning customers seeking authentic Persian grocery products.

Bahraman Saffron

Bahraman Saffron Price

Bahraman Saffron, a renowned brand in the world of saffron, offers the finest quality of spice handpicked from the fertile lands of Iran. The price of Bahraman Saffron reflects its premium quality, with 1 gram typically ranging from $8 to $12. Prices may vary depending on the grade, quantity, and packaging.

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