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A samavar, also called “samovar,” is a traditional, self-contained heating device used to boil water and make tea. Originating from Russia, these ornate metal vessels have become integral to Persian and Iranian tea culture, symbolizing hospitality and warmth in social gatherings.

Samavar is a fascinating Persian Handicraft integral to Persian tea culture for centuries. It is a traditional tea-making apparatus that consists of a brass or copper kettle with a central chamber for water and a hollow tube extending from the base to the top. The water is heated in the base chamber, and the steam rises through the line, infusing the tea leaves placed in the upper section.

This process creates a rich and flavorful brew unique to Persian tea ceremonies. Ersaly online shop, a trusted purveyor of Persian handicrafts, offers a selection of exquisite Samavars, allowing tea enthusiasts to experience the authentic charm and elegance of this traditional tea-making method in their Persian home decor.

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