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What are 33 Beads Tasbih

33 Beads Tasbih33 Beads Tasbih, also known as a “subha” or “misbaha”, is a shorter version of the traditional Islamic prayer beads or “tasbih”. It consists of 33 beads and is commonly used for dhikr or remembrance of Allah. Each bead is passed through the fingers while reciting a specific prayer or phrase, such as “subhan Allah” (glory be to God) or “la ilaha illa Allah” (there is no god but Allah). The 33 Beads Tasbih is portable and can easily be carried in a pocket or purse.

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33 Beads Tasbih Benefits

33 Beads Tasbih is a compact and portable form of tasbih that typically consists of 33 beads, allowing for a shorter and more convenient way of engaging in dhikr. Some benefits of using 33 Beads Tasbih include:

  1. Convenience: 33 Beads Tasbih is small and easy to carry around, making it a convenient tool for daily dhikr and meditation.

  2. Focus: The limited number of beads allows for greater focus and concentration during recitation, as there is less need for counting and more emphasis on the meaning of the recited words.

  3. Time management: The shorter length of 33 Beads Tasbih makes it a practical choice for individuals with busy schedules, as it can be completed in a shorter amount of time compared to longer tasbih with more beads. offers a variety of 33 Beads Tasbih options made from different materials, including natural stones, wood, and resin, to cater to individual preferences and needs.


  • What is the significance of the 33 beads in a Tasbih?

The 33 beads in a Tasbih represent the 33 Dhikr or remembrances of Allah that are recited in prayer.

  • Can 33 Beads Tasbih be used for other purposes besides prayer?

Yes, 33 Beads Tasbih can be used as a reminder to stay mindful and grateful throughout the day and for meditation and mindfulness practices.

  • What materials are 33 Beads Tasbih made from?

Beads Tasbih can be made from various materials, including gemstones, wood, and metal. The choice of material often depends on personal preference and the intended use of the Tasbih.