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If you are looking for a Persian rug that combines beauty, quality, and history, you should consider buying a Persian Kashan rug. Persian Kashan rugs are hand-woven rugs that originate from the city of Kashan, Iran. They are known for their intricate designs, rich colors, and fine craftsmanship.

Persian Kashan rugs often feature floral, medallion, or pictorial patterns, and are made with high-quality wool, silk, or cotton. Persian Kashan rugs are among the most valuable and sought-after types of Persian rugs, as they reflect the art and culture of Persia.

History of Kashan Rugs

Kashan Persian rugs have a long and interesting history. Kashan is located in central Iran and has a rich history of rug-making, stretching back to the 17th century. During this time, Kashan was an important trading center, and its carpets were highly sought after by the wealthy and powerful. Over the centuries, these carpets have been exported to Europe, North America, and the Middle East and remain popular today.

Kashan Persian rugs are known for their intricate designs, often featuring beautiful medallions, floral motifs, and geometric patterns. These rugs are also known for their rich colors, achieved through natural dyes. Each rug is truly unique, and no two are exactly alike.

Kashan Rugs Price

Persian Kashan rug prices vary greatly depending on the rug’s size, quality, and materials. Generally, a small hand-knotted Kashan carpet can start at around $200, while a larger size can cost $1000 or more. The quality of the rug will also affect the price.

For example, a high-quality rug with fine materials and intricate details might cost more than a lower-quality rug. The price can also depend on the age and vintage of the rug. For instance, antique Kashan rugs can be quite expensive, with some pieces costing thousands of dollars.

Another factor that might influence the Kashan Persian rug price is the type of knot used. Persian rugs are usually woven with either single-knot or double-knot techniques. Single-knot rugs are usually less expensive than double-knot rugs, which take longer to make and require more skill. The size of the rug, the type of knot, the materials, and the quality of the rug are all important factors that affect the price.

Handmade Kashan rug

Kashan Persian handmade rugs are treasured for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each rug is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who have mastered the art of rug weaving. From the selection of the finest materials to the intricate knotting techniques, every step in creating a Kashan handmade rug is done by hand, resulting in a unique and one-of-a-kind piece.

Kashan kilim rug

Kashan kilim rugs are exquisite handwoven tapestries from the historic Kashan in Iran. These rugs are known for their intricate geometric designs and vibrant colors, carefully crafted by skilled weavers. Kashan kilim rugs add a touch of elegance and cultural heritage to any space, making them a popular choice among interior decorators and rug enthusiasts.

Kashan wool rug

Kashan wool rugs are renowned for their exceptional quality and durability. These rugs are made from the finest wool sourced from local sheep and showcase intricate patterns and rich textures. With their soft and luxurious feel, Kashan wool rugs provide warmth and comfort to any room.

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Kashan Rug Value

The value of a Kashan Persian rug can vary depending on several factors, such as its size, age, condition, and materials. The best way to determine the value of a Kashan rug is to consult a professional. An expert can assess the rug and estimate its value accurately.

Another way to determine the value of a Kashan rug is to compare it to similar rugs on the market. By comparing prices, you can get a good idea of how much your rug is worth. You can also check online auction sites and antique stores to get an idea of the current market value of Kashan rugs.

Tips for Buying Kashan Carpets

When buying a Kashan carpet, it is important to ensure you get the best possible deal. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect rug at the right price:

  • Make sure to compare prices before making a purchase.
  • Check the condition of the rug before buying it.
  • Ensure that the rug is genuine and has a certificate of authenticity.
  • Consider the size of the rug, as larger rugs are usually more expensive.
  • Look for rugs made with high-quality materials, such as wool and silk.

What are the standard sizes of Kashan Rugs, and how are they classified?

Kashan Rugs come in various sizes and are classified based on their dimensions in feet or meters. The most common sizes of Kashan Rugs are:

  • Small: 2′ x 3′ to 3′ x 5′
  • Medium: 4′ x 6′ to 6′ x 9′
  • Large: 8′ x 10′ to 10′ x 14′
  • Oversized: 11′ x 15′ and larger

Kashan Rugs are also classified based on their knot density, measured in knots per square inch. Higher knot density generally indicates a higher quality rug, requiring more time and skill to create. Kashan Rugs typically range from 100 to 800 knots per square inch, with higher-end rugs having a knot density of 300 or more.

Kashan Rugs can be classified based on design, ranging from traditional floral or medallion patterns to more modern or abstract designs. The design of a Kashan Rug can greatly impact its style and overall aesthetic.