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What is FiroozeKoobi or Turquoise Stone On Copper?

FiroozeKoobi or Turquoise Stone On Copper ( Turquoise Inlaying )is an amazing handmade whether used on fashion jewelry or containers. A turquoise inlayed item is a things made from copper, bronze, brass, nickel or silver, with little items and also fragments of turquoise stone, which are established on components of its surface area in mosaic style to bring it an extravagant attraction. The procedure of Firoozeh Koobi manufacturing contains 2 basic phases:

1- Jeweler: This procedure consists of the prep work of the raw item whose surface area is meant to be mantled by turquoise stones.

2- Turquoise Inlaying: In this phase, the inlayer makes every effort to position appropriately-sized turquoise chips properly on the item. The small stones are placed so nicely, highly and also masterfully near to each various other that no void is left in between….

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