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what are the symptoms of negative energy in home?

How to get rid of evil energy from your home
  • Navigating the unseen energies within our homes can be as crucial as maintaining its physical cleanliness. Our living spaces have the potential to become reservoirs of accumulated emotions and unseen forces, which can affect our well-being in significant ways.

    This insightful article delves into understanding the subtle signs of negative energy lingering in our abodes and presents practical, time-honored solutions to cleanse and transform our homes into bastions of positivity and tranquility.

    In this article from the Ersaly website, we want to discuss negative energy in the home. We will introduce you to 12 signs of its existence at your place and teach you an effective and 100% practical method to cleanse your home of negative energy. So stay with us.

    So if you’ve been feeling a bit off at home, stick with me!

    12 signs of negative energy in the home

    Here are vital signs that negative energy may be present in your home:

    1. You’re having a normal conversation with family members, and suddenly it turns into an argument.

    2. When you wake up, your feet might be tingling or hurting, or you feel extremely tired as if you haven’t slept at all!

    3. You return home full of motivation and good feelings, or even when you’re out, you decide to do something, but as soon as you get home, you feel drained of energy and filled with negative thoughts and a sense of hopelessness and lack of motivation.

    signs of negative energy in the home


    4. Household appliances breaking down for no reason! Whatever you fix, something else breaks! For instance, you fix the sink, then the water pump goes, or the water heater stops working—you fix this, then the kitchen stove goes out, etc.

    5. You start experiencing headaches, neck pains, cries (I emphasize this), and illnesses without apparent reasons. You feel fine outside, but when you plan to go home or when you are at home, you feel this way.

    6. Do you feel an overwhelming sense of spiritual fatigue and tiredness whenever you enter your home or a certain environment? We all feel fatigued or very tired at certain moments in life, but if you always feel this way when you enter a particular room, a closed space, or even when encountering a particular person, your body may be resisting the energy emitted.

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    7. Our bodies naturally have a great capacity to absorb energy from our surroundings. Therefore, when your body signals a place is unsuitable, it is rarely wrong, and you should trust your sixth sense.

    8. To recognize another sign of negative energy at home, consider if you experience headaches, nausea, or other physical restlessness when entering a specific environment. Our bodies and sixth sense are more sensitive to energies than we might think. They can detect bad feelings and negative energy and have a high ability to identify good feelings and positive energies, sending signals to us. We are not consciously aware of precisely when and how our body detects them.

    9. If you experience any restlessness, such as headaches, nausea, or any other signs that are not caused by illness, it might be your body reacting to the presence of negative energies in the room and warning you.

    10. Another sign of negative energy at home is if entering certain spaces incites fear of enclosed spaces, terror, anxiety, and other severe, unpleasant emotions. When entering a room filled with negative energy, you might be overcome with feelings from unease and anxiety to restlessness and outright panic. It might also trigger other negative feelings such as rage, deep sorrow, or an intense fear that makes you want to flee.

    negatively affect plants and animals

    11. Another sign is if you place plants inside your home or in a particular environment, and they don’t seem to want to sprout or grow. Negative energy does not only have a detrimental effect on people but can also negatively affect plants and animals. If you notice that your pet behaves strangely in a particular room or space, or if plants do not want to grow in that environment, it is due to the negative energy they have absorbed, which ultimately may cause the plant to wither and die.

    12. Pay attention to this sign of negative energy in the home: Do you notice an odd smell from a room or a particular space? If you suddenly detect strange or musty odors from the room, but they disappear as suddenly as they appear. This can be a sign of negative energies in that room.

    If you have experienced three or four of the above situations, your home is being destroyed by pollution and negative energy, And if your indoor plants refuse to thrive or your pets act weird in certain rooms, that could be another hint of an energy funk.

    How to clear bad energy (negative energy) or evil energy from the house:

    So, if any of this resonates with you, it might be time to detox your digs of this energy pollutant.

    Here are some tips:

    1. Negative energy in the home usually accumulates in the corners!

    If you have pets, take them out for 24 hours! Spray salt (which can be ground) with white vinegar in the corners of the home. Put some in a tissue paper and place it in all the corners (bathroom, toilet, rooms, kitchen, hall, reception area, entrance). After 24 hours, throw them all out of the house and then sweep your home. After doing the above, you will feel lighter in your home.


    Repeat the mentioned steps three times, each time over a nine-day period. For example, if you do it today and put down the salt (you can use Persian blue salt or table salt), count nine days from tomorrow and on the ninth day, put down the salt again (repeat all the previous steps and sweep the following day, burn blue sage, and listen to the mantra OM). Then, from the day after (the day after placing the salt), count nine days again and repeat. This process will create an energy cycle in your home.

    2. Burn blue sage:

    In addition to its healing properties, blue sage is also used to increase the frequency of wealth. But how does it have this effect? The scent of blue sage alters brain patterns in such a way that brain waves match the frequency pattern of wealth. (For example, one day you work and earn money, another day you work and earn more, the difference in how you feel in these situations is due to the change in your brainwave patterns, which are filled with energy, ideas, and enthusiasm). After burning, it creates motivation, ideas, attitudes, zest, eagerness, and hope in the financial field for you and unlocks financial blockages.


    3. You can also use Tiger’s Eye stone at work, which has an extraordinary effect.

    4. If someone at your home constantly listens to the news, ask them to reduce the volume as much as possible!

    5. For the first nine evenings, brew Persian saffron for family members.

    6. Initially, with these actions, an outpouring may occur; do not worry; it precisely shows the issues that must be solved from the root.

    7. Methods for cleansing and removing negative energy from the house with salt water and vinegar:

    Dispelling negative energies with salt water and vinegar

    Required materials:

    • Salt
    • Water
    • Clear glass
    • White vinegar

    Combine salt and vinegar in the glass and place it in a place where you spend most of your time, and leave it untouched for 24 consecutive hours. After a day, you will notice that the salt level has risen—repeat this process until the salt level goes down. Make sure the glass is clean after each use—this method is very effective in absorbing the negative energies of the house.

    Dispelling negative energies with salt water and vinegar

    Salt is a quick solution for treating negative energy that generates positive ions in the home and creates a healthy environment that is suitable for inhabitants. Using this method, people may even prevent many diseases that arise from emotional distress.

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    8. Clear up the mess

    Clutter is one of the most significant sources of stagnated energy and stress in our homes. Clutter makes the room feel uncomfortable and distressing. Remove all unnecessary clutter from your home to let in light and warmth and convey a cheerful and peaceful spirit.

    9. If it is unclear what should stay and what should go

    take some time and think about your belongings. What items do you really like and use? Which items do you only use once a month? Do you really need them? Can they be replaced with something else or stored somewhere? By temporarily placing items in storage or rotating items around, you can add to the energy of your home.

    10. Bring in fresh air

    The simplest way to cleanse negative energy from the home is to let it all out. Open your windows to let in fresh air, turn on fans to circulate air, and open closet doors or drawers to release trapped energy. You might want to leave the house during this process and, upon return, burn some incense or blue sage.

    11. Place rock salt in the room

    If you live in a home where energy is blocked, try sprinkling a little salt in the corners of each room or use rock salt. This causes any bad vibrations to come out and cleans the space. After a few days, sweep or clean the salt and discard it, visualizing that you are removing the bad moods. On the other hand, you can use one or more salt lamps to purify the air and atmosphere of your room.

    12. Dispelling Negative Energy with Palo Santo Scented Wood

    Burning a stick or cone releases any bad vibrations and toxic energy so your space is refreshed. Palo Santo is a kind of aromatic wood native to South America and can be burned as incense. It is believed to be a strong energy cleanser. Just light one end of the wood and let the smoke spread through your room.

    Dispelling Negative Energy with Palo Santo Scented Wood

    13. Dispelling negative energy from the house by burning a bundle of blue sage

    You can clean your room or entire house by burning a bundle of dry blue sage. Blue sage cleanses the house and when properly burned, releases negative energy. Let the sage bundle burn for 10-20 seconds.

    14. Expelling negative energy by brightening up the house

    Living in a dark house can evoke feelings of depression and anxiety. By painting the walls with brighter colors and adding bright colors, art, and decor, you brighten up your living space. A brighter space helps restore joy to your home. For this purpose, you can use a salt lamp. By gifting this product to friends, in addition to its beauty and uniqueness, you are also giving them health and the extraordinary properties of rock salt.

    15. Expel negative energy with the positive reflection of mirrors

    Mirrors are often used in Feng Shui to guide and change the flow of energy in your home. Placing one or more mirrors strategically around the house can increase light, bring brightness to your space, make the room lighter and more spacious, and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Just make sure the mirror reflects something positive in your home.

    16. No kind of doll or statue should be in the house.

    But if you have small children who have grown attached to a doll, pour coarse salt and wild rue into the dolls (one tablespoon). Maybe, and I say maybe, it will prevent the devils from approaching. However, the priority is that they should not be there at all and try to put them in the closet at night.

    17. Light a candle

    Candles have been associated with healing and spirituality for ages. Candles can be lit to enhance meditation or other spiritual practices. They can be placed around your home to improve the overall atmosphere and fill your home with good energy. Remember to only use high-quality candles. Many cheap candles are made from paraffin wax and artificial fragrances, which can contain harmful chemicals. However, using a salt rock candle holder because of the candle and rock salt introduces extra energy into the home. You can find various candle holders by clicking on

    Candles can be lit to enhance meditation or other spiritual practices

    18. Add indoor plants to dispel negative energy

    Healthy indoor plants create an environment full of tranquility. House plants have been used throughout history to maintain the health and joy of the home, and caring for them increases the sense of happiness. They also help purify the air and make the space in your home energetic and vibrant. If you want to add some life and a cheerful atmosphere to your space, grow a few indoor plants.

    19. Place crystals

    Healing crystals are used by many people around the world to cleanse and protect their bodies, homes, and businesses. They are best used at the end of a purification procedure. You can place a crystal anywhere in your home where you feel the need to remove negative energies or attract positive energies. Use protective gemstones such as obsidian, amethyst, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, and citrine to prevent harmful vibrations and cleanse negative energy. You can also use salt rock crystals to dispel negative energy.

    20. Place the salt and stone crystals

    Healing crystals are used by many people around the world to cleanse and protect their bodies, homes, and businesses. They are best used at the end of a purification process. You can place a crystal anywhere in your home where you feel the need to remove negative energies or attract positive energies. Use protective gemstones such as obsidian, amethyst, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, and citrine to ward off harmful vibrations and clear negative energy. You can also use rock salt crystals to get rid of negative energy.

    21. Don’t even leave spider webs; clean them quickly.

    Alright, let’s keep the energy-cleansing train rolling with a couple more pearls of wisdom on how to keep those bad vibes at bay and invite all the good spirits to come and play!

    It’s not about rituals or superstitions; it’s about cultivating an environment that feels good to you. All these steps—clearing clutter, letting in fresh air, sprinkling a little sea salt or Persian blue rock salt—work towards one goal: making your home a place where you can recharge, feel safe, and be inspired.

    So tune out the noise, light your favorite candle, and let your home be your sanctuary in this bustling world. A few small changes can shift the energy significantly. Keep it fresh, light, and those good vibes in sight. Remember, your home should tell your story, so let it narrate one of joy, tranquility, and positivity. Happy homemaking!


    1: How can you identify if there is negative energy in your home?

    You might notice sudden shifts in mood among family members, such as arguments that come out of nowhere or personal feelings of fatigue and malaise without a clear reason. Unexplainable headaches, mysterious smells, or electronic appliances breaking down frequently can also be signs.

    2: What are some home remedies for clearing negative energy?

    Sprinkling salt in corners, burning blue sage, placing tiger’s eye stones in workspaces, and reducing news noise can help clear the energy. Keeping your home well-lit and introducing fresh air regularly are also effective strategies.

    3: Why is decluttering important for maintaining positive energy in the home?

    Clutter can trap and hold stagnant energy, which may contribute to stress and negative feelings. By clearing out the clutter, you allow energy to flow and create a more peaceful and inviting environment.

    4: Can indoor plants help with negative energy, and if so, how?

    Yes, healthy indoor plants can enhance the tranquility and vibrancy of your living space. They not only improve air quality but can also absorb and neutralize negative energies, promoting a happier and more serene home environment.

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