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how to check negative energy in home?

  • When people face any kind of problem or experience failure, blaming, feeling guilty, regret, and anxiety generate a certain amount of negative energy. Defining negative energy in scientific terms is difficult, but undoubtedly, everyone has experienced it. This doesn’t mean they are bad or negative but rather that they have disconnected from their internal source of positive energy! You might have experienced going places or being with people that make you feel bad; you likely feel tired.

    Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your discomfort, you certainly feel it. On the other hand, you might naturally feel better and more peaceful around certain individuals. These experiences are not accidental; they are the result of a specific exchange of energy. When someone has low energy, only being with someone who has high energy energizes them while also slightly diminishing their own energy. The transfer of energy from person to person establishes balance and equilibrium.

    For example, if you feel good and connect with someone who feels bad, after a while, that person will feel better, and your good feelings may lessen. You may not feel this change immediately, but after a few hours or a few days, you will realize you don’t feel as good. Understanding this similarity helps explain the constant exchange of positive and negative energy.

    Symptoms of Negative Energy in the Body:

    Energy surrounds us, and the more we focus on the energy around us, the more significant and tangible impact we receive. Negative energy can affect both our bodies and our homes. In this section from “Ersaly” we introduce situations indicating negative energies are present within your body:
    • Chronic headaches
    • Fatigue
    • Restlessness
    • Insomnia
    • Stomach pain
    • Feeling pressured
    • Shortness of breath
    • Mental cloudiness

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    We all agree that all these physical signs are unpleasant manifestations of negative energy for us. So, what should we do at times like these?

    • Dispelling Negative Energy: The first step in learning the process of dispelling negative energy is to achieve more peace, meditate, and establish balance. Just as you can absorb energy through your fingertips in meditation, you also have the power to release it.
    • The second step to release negative energy is to send it somewhere it won’t do harm. Nature can absorb negative energy without being harmed. That’s why, when we’re stressed or anxious, going for a walk in the woods or being in nature automatically brings us more peace. Similarly, some people enjoy going to the sea or lying in the sun. Natural elements absorb negative energy and emit positive energy.
    • Plants, flowers, and trees are usually the best targets for energy release. For most people, flowers are very powerful and can help improve their condition.
    • Now we can understand why people are happy to receive flowers as a gift or why we give flowers to express affection. When someone receives a flower as a gift, it helps them release negative emotions and feel better.
    • Another place for releasing negative energy is a container full of water, a bathtub, pool, pond, or lake. The greater the volume of water, the more powerful it is at releasing energy. Water absorbs negative energy; drinking 8 to 10 glasses daily and using regular meditation are essential to maintaining the energy flow.
    • Fire is another powerful element of nature that we can use to release our negative energy. Think of the good times you can have around a fire, telling various stories. Fire can receive negative energy from us; thus, we can use it to ward off negative energy. This important awareness about energy can be easily misunderstood; for example, someone may become anxious by being around people with negative energy or by blaming others for problems.
    • If you have a lot of positive energy, absorbing negative energy is an inevitable part of life. You can’t escape it. Instead of trying to avoid negative energy, we just need to be determined to discharge and free ourselves from it.
    • This natural exchange of energy is very similar to the weather in nature. A low-pressure system always attracts a high-pressure system. The warm air always rises in a cold room. If your house is warm and cozy and the windows aren’t double-glazed, you will have a flow of cold air in the winter, and the warmth inside will be affected by the chill outside; even if you put your hand close to the window, you will feel the airflow. Nature is always seeking balance. Likewise, when you have a lot of positive energy, you attract negative energy.
    • The secret to personal success is that you can continue with a recharge and then dispel the negative energy you absorb. Trying to avoid negative energy is important when you are tired and unwell, but if you strengthen yourself every day through meditation find peace and release in whatever way you know, and then share your love with those around you, you will be most content. As you bolster your power to attract positive energy and dispel negative energy, facing negative eyes makes you stronger.

    Ways to Eliminate Negative Body Energy:

    • Use medicinal plants.
    • Shower with salt water.
    • Meditate.
    •  Surround yourself with optimistic people.
    •  Take a forest bath.

    Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy from the Home:

    What happens when we indulge in negative thinking?

    • The more we indulge in negativity without a way to release it, the more we retain stagnant energy. When we engage in negative thinking, we may try to remain confident and secure, but as soon as we embark on something risky, we still succumb to anxiety and confusion; thus, our self-confidence is eradicated. We feel our inner desire for more activity and progress but realize we are being held back.
    • When we get caught up in negative thinking, we may want to be happy, but we feel that we sink deeper into depression and self-pity. Our pleasure decreases, and we feel an inner desire to be happy, but we do not find it. This process is different for those with less sensitivity unaware of their shortcomings. They are somewhat happy, but these people have long lost the concept of true enjoyment.
    • Let’s not forget when we indulge in negativity, we may want to feel good about ourselves, but we are still trapped by feelings of guilt and worthlessness. We cannot feel the purity, innocence, and goodness that results from it.
    • We feel corrupt and futile because of our past mistakes and cannot forgive ourselves. Hence, we feel responsible for others. If we were punished for our mistakes during childhood, we might continue to punish ourselves.
    • Sensitive souls attract the negativity of others because they are more vulnerable. The negativity they feel is a combination of their own negative thoughts combined with the negativity of others. They, like sponges, draw negativity and the bad feelings of others wherever they go.
    • But what allows others to have less sensitivity is the ability to suppress emotions; some people do not need to examine their feelings to feel better when they are angry. These people just want to deny or not acknowledge their feelings and eventually go their own way. This method is useful for those with less sensitivity but cannot be helpful for those who are more sensitive.
    • People suppress their negativity; not only do they pass this feeling on to others, but they also attract less negativity from the world.

    How do we expel negative energy from our homes?

    We all go through gloomy afternoons from time to time. However, sometimes it is the constant state of sadness in the space of the home that makes things worse.

    It’s time to cleanse these negative aspects of the home. In this article, I will teach you techniques to neutralize such spaces in your home and impart a sense of calm and beauty to it.

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    Let Everything Air Out

    The first step to removing negative energy from the home is to open all windows. Even if it is cold outside, open the windows and let the air into the house. Fresh air is everything; as long as there’s a flow, shake the blankets and pillows in it.

    Burn Some Incense at Home

    This scent, accompanied by smoke, is like a mental exercise and meditation, so why not try it at home? Incense increases energy and is mainly used for meditation practice because it governs a soothing space.

    Make Sure You Fix or Discard Broken Things

    Broken things bring negative energy into the home, so fix them as soon as possible, or if they’re not worth fixing, get rid of them. By doing this, you’re following one of the Feng Shui rules.

    Spread Natural Orange Oil Around the House

    If you think there’s something in the scent of orange that reminds you of a smile and sunrise, I must say you’re not alone. This not only eradicates negative energy but also improves mood. You can pour some of this oil into the water or use a natural orange oil spray.

    Tidy Up Messes Without Delay

    Have you noticed how good it feels when you clear a table? Objects give off a lot of energy that mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually block our way forward. Cluttered designs can also lead to mental fatigue and increased stress.

    Burn Rosemary at Home

    One of the ancient techniques of the Native Americans to expel negative energy was to burn rosemary. The smoke from this plant is what’s used to clean the house. I always start from the front door of the house and rotate around the house in the direction of the clock.

    Protect Your Space with Crystals

    Unfortunately, for this exercise, you cannot choose your favorite colors. Black amber is known as a crystal that eradicates negative energy, as are white and rose quartz colors. It’s best to place the crystals as close to the electronic devices as possible.

    Bell Sound in the Rooms

    It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Just ring the bell once in each corner of the house, then visualize in your mind that the wave of this sound expels the negative energy and brings the positive energy into the house.

    Paint the Walls Yellow

    Colors play a pivotal role in your home. Some interior designers believe yellow neutralizes negative energy.
    In the eyes of an interior decorator, this color makes the room look bigger and warms up the space.

    Pour Salt in the Corners of Each Room

    To absorb the negative energy of the previous owners of the house, energy therapists recommend pouring salt like Persian blue salt, and and Himalayan pink salt in the four corners of each room and leaving it for 48 hours; then, collect the salts with a vacuum cleaner or regular broom and discard them.

    Clean Surfaces

    If you are going to a new home, experts recommend that before moving your belongings into the house, first thoroughly wash all surfaces to remove all the previous owners’ negative energies.

    Eliminate Sharp Angles

    One of the most important Feng Shui rules is to reduce sharp angles and corners in the house as much as possible. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. If you want positive energy to enter your home, it’s best to use round and angle-free items.

    Add More Mirrors

    To add positive energy (also known as “chi”) around the house, place mirrors.
    However, make sure not to use mirrors with sharp edges. This not only fails to contribute to making positive energy in decor but also has a negative effect.

    Use Neutral Colors

    Think about it: Dark and rich colors are full of personality. But sometimes, when life has exhausted you, the effect of these colors on creating a relaxing space completely reverses. Stay away from anything dark because it transmits negative feelings and also makes space seem smaller.

    Protect Your Entrance

    Doors and windows facing the outside operate like the entrances of energy. To purify these points, experts advise pouring water, lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar into a bucket and then rubbing this mixture on the doors and windows of the house. After doing this, pour some sea salt in front of all the entrances to the house and cover them with a doormat—this prevents the entry of negative forces.


    FAQ 1: What are common signs of negative energy present in the body?

    Common indicators include persistent headaches, fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, stomach aches, feeling overly pressured, shortness of breath, and mental fog. Recognizing these symptoms is the first step toward addressing and dispelling negative energy.

    FAQ 2: How can I clear negative energy from my home?

    To clear negative energy, air out your home by opening windows, use incense to promote positive flow, repair or discard broken items, spread natural orange oil for a mood boost, declutter spaces, and use crystals like black amber or rose quartz to absorb negativity.

    FAQ 3: Are there any natural elements that can help with removing negative energy?

    Yes, elements like water and fire are powerful in cleansing negative energy. Taking baths, especially with saltwater, can help, just like spending time by a body of water or around the fire. Both have the ability to absorb negative energy and are often used in various energy-cleansing rituals.

    FAQ 4: Can the arrangement and decor of a home influence the energy within it?

     Absolutely. Utilizing Feng Shui principles like reducing sharp angles, adding mirrors to enhance the flow of “chi,” and opting for calming, neutral colors can significantly affect the energy. Burning rosemary and ringing bells in the corners of rooms can also help in purifying the space energetically.

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