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Best way to remove makeup stains from walls and carpets

remove makeup stains from walls and carpets
  • The best way to remove makeup stains from walls, carpets and rugs

    Removing makeup stains, especially lipstick, from all kinds of walls and carpets is not a difficult task, you just need to know the techniques for removing these materials.

    Removing makeup stains from walls and carpets

    Sometimes, in families with young children, these children remove cosmetics, especially lipstick, on the wall or carpet away from the mother’s eyes. In this section, we have provided tips for removing lipstick from all types of walls, carpets, and carpets so that you can quickly and easily remove these stains from your walls and carpets using these tips.

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    Best way to remove makeup stains from walls and carpets

    Tips to remove lipstick stains from the wall

    Lipsticks have different types, all of which are made up of materials such as wax, fat and paint, to cleanse the two parts of wax and lipstick fat we need a diluent and solvent, but the type of diluent and solvent we use for different types of walls should be different.

    Removing lipstick stains from different walls

    How to remove the lipstick stain from the plaster wall?

    If your wall is not plastered and painted and there is a lipstick stain on it, to remove this stain :

    1. Use a thin plastic spoon or a sharp card to remove the excess lipstick mass from the wall, but be careful not to spread the lipstick stain.
    2. with a tincture paddle on which to Baking soda Pour, clean the remaining stain to clean.
    3. Clean the material on the wall with a little wet wipe.
    4. Then press a dry cloth on the wall to dry the wall faster.

    Try other methods if this method is not responsive :

    • Instead of baking soda and cloth, you can use dishwashing liquid and scotch.
    • You can also use diluted Vitex solution.
    • You can gently sing that part of the wall with sandpaper so that there is no color left of the parade..
    • If the wall is plastered, you can put some toothpaste on the stain and then brush on it with a toothbrush.

    How to clean lipstick stains from plastic wall?

    Use the following solutions to clean lipstick stains from the plastic wall:

    • Remove lipstick with an extra mass card.
    • Make a solution of white alcohol and water and pour on a napkin and clean the stain.
    • Then clean the same part with a tincture and leave to dry.
    • Note that you do not use oily materials or strong cleaners on these types of walls.
    • can to remove stains from dishwashing liquid solution and water and Vinegar Diluted use.

    Best way to remove makeup stains from walls and carpets

    How to remove lipstick stain from oil wall?

    If the wall has oil paint, you can use the following methods to remove the lipstick stain from this wall :

    • First remove the remaining lipstick mass from the wall.
    • You can use strong detergents such as multipurpose cleansers to clean stains.
    • You can sprinkle a little of the fat solvent solutions on the stain to remove this stain and after a short time and soften the lipstick, wipe it with cotton or sponge.
    • You can also use a baby’s face to clean the stain.
    • You can use a number of drops of ammonia solution to clean the stain.
    • You can remove lipstick stains from your oily wall by combining dishwashing liquid and baking soda.

    Best way to remove makeup stains from walls and carpets

    How to remove lipstick from a variety of wallpaper?

    To remove the lipstick stain from the wallpaper, you can use a dishwashing liquid solution and water, but before using this method try on a part of the wallpaper that is not very in the center of attention, because the moisture may penetrate the back of the papers and the adhesive holder of the papers is soaked and removed from the wall.


    • Quickly clean up the stain .
    • Use cold water to prevent more stains from spreading instead of hot water.
    • High methods can also be used to cleanse the occlusal lipstick, but if the eklil remains on the wall at the end after removing the original stain, draw a dry napkin or on the surface to remove the eklils.

    Steps to clean lipstick stains from carpets and rugs

    Before cleaning lipstick stains from carpets or rugs, do this quickly because the faster you get, the sooner and easier the stain will be cleaned.

    Step 1 :

    If you have lipstick on the carpet or carpet, you should first remove the remaining lipstick volume from the surface, so it is better to use a spoon or card that is not too sharp. Be careful while doing this so that the lipstick stain does not spread and does not sink deep into the texture and villus of your carpet or carpet. The use of sharp appliances causes damage to carpets or rugs .

    Step 2 :

    Then, in order for the stain not to spread, use tape glue and remove the glue and gently stick it on the surface, then remove it and do the same again with the next tape, so that there is nothing left of the lipstick except the colored stain on your carpet..

    You can also put the napkin on the carpet and remove it. You can do this vertically because horizontal movements make your carpet more dirty .

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    Best way to remove makeup stains from walls and carpets

    What materials can we use to clean the lipstick stain?

    Before performing the procedures below, try detergent first on a point of carpet such as around and the sides that are less exposed .

    Cleaning lipstick stains with toothpaste

    To clean lipstick stains from carpets or rugs, rub toothpaste on this part. Then completely remove the carpet or dishwashing liquid with shampoo.

    Cleaning lipstick stains by hairspray

    To remove the lipstick stain, spray the hair on the stained place and allow it to remain for 10 to 15 minutes until the alcohol in the spray dissolves the lipstick completely. After this period if the stain site had dried on it a little Lukewarm water Shed and then perform other steps. Then smear the soft towel into regular water and rinse the stain surface thoroughly with it.

    Use alcohol to clean lipstick stains

    On the lipstick stain, drag the cloth into the alcohol to remove the stain, then clean the surface with a sponge impregnated with water solution and dishwashing liquid or carpet shampoo so that there is no trace of stain.

    Cleaning lipstick stains with carpet shampoo

    You can use shampoo to clean the remaining colored stain of lipstick on carpets or rugs. Draw the carpet shampoo on the desired part, then let it stay a little after the floor on the stain takes on the color of the parade, cleaning the materials and floors on our carpet or carpet with a wet napkin or sponge. If the lipstick color remains on the carpet, repeat the previous step .

    Use the steamer to remove lipstick stains

    One of the best ways to remove the stain of the lipstick from carpets or rugs is to use the steam cleaner.

    Other solvents to clean lipstick stains from carpets or rugs :

    White alcohol, combining carpet shampoo with white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, various makeup cleansers solutions

    Erasing the old lipstick stain from the carpet

    To clean the old lipstick stain that is dipped into the texture of the carpet, first we moisten the stain with water and then with a soft brush we try to remove all the lipsticks that have been dipped into the inside. Then we will clean the detergent we said above. 

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