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advantages & disadvantages of wool area carpet ?

wool carpet rugs
  • Carpets & rugs are some of the most attractive items prepared for the house and immersed in its design, color, and patterns. The wool carpets display the beauty of the yarn so much that it is as if we are walking through a rainbow of colors.

    It is good to know that there are many different types of carpets, each with another material and specific characteristics, which are of interest to many people. In the meantime, hand made wool area carpet is one of the most popular and beautiful carpets that hardliners choose.

    If you are interested by world of carpets and its beautiful patterns, or you want to know more about woolen rugs and their unique features, stay tuned to Ersaly Magazine:

    attractive wool carpet

    attractive wool carpet


    What is a woolen carpet?

    It is good to know that wool is one of the essential fibers that has been used in carpet weaving for many years. As one of the leading countries in weaving and producing machine-made and handmade carpets, Iran also uses wool fibers in weaving its rugs with many fans.

    You should know that wool is made naturally from the hair of animals such as sheep, goats, or camels, and after it turns into yarn, the handmade carpet with it.

    If we want to define this type of carpet simply, we should say: “A hand-knotted carpet that with woolen fibers is called a woolen carpet.”

    persian wool carpet

    persian wool carpet

    Know the characteristics of woolen carpets

    When you hear that wool carpets are also among the types of carpets, the question that comes to your mind is what are the remarkable features of this carpet?

    characteristics of woolen carpets

    characteristics of woolen carpets

    Naturally, any type of carpet with any fiber prepared has its characteristics that are part of its inherent characteristics.
    In the following, we want to acquaint you with the features, advantages, and disadvantages of woolen carpets:

    Advantages of wool carpets:

    Woolen carpet

    Woolen carpet

    • Woolen carpets have fibers full of healing and natural properties that are very useful for the body.
    • Woolen carpets are thicker and stronger than other carpets and have a unique beauty.
    • Woolen carpets’ smell, color, and charm are much more famous than other carpets and have a unique spectacle.
    • As we mentioned, this type of carpet has extraordinary healing properties for the body. When you sit on this rug or relax, your blood circulation is better in your body. Relaxing the nerves, absorbing body sweat, helping to sleep easier, and relieving muscle pain are other benefits of this carpet.
    • One of the most attractive features of a beautiful woolen carpet is that it retains heat. This type of carpet has more heat and is the best carpet for the cold winter season. It also does the opposite in the summer.
    • Moisture does not damage this type of carpet, and it maintains its capabilities well against it. Therefore, it can be said that it is one of the best carpets to use in northern cities with humid weather.
    • There are famous and perfect breeds of sheep in Iran from which the best type of wool is produced. These breeds include Kurdish, Ghezel, Baluchi, Afshari, and Bakhtiari, from which high wools are obtained.

    The difference between Hand made and machine wool area rugs:

    hand-made wool carpets

    hand-made wool area carpets


    You certainly know that there are two types of machine-made and hand-woven carpets in the carpet weaving industry, each of which appears with specific characteristics.
    If you look at the machine wool carpet from the back, you will see uniform knots less high and low. But in hand-woven rugs, these knots are unbalanced. That is, some carpet knots are more significant, and some are smaller. This feature indicates that the hand-made carpet is by hand and not by machine.
    The design and size of the patterns also differ in machine woven and hand-made carpets.
    Usually, machine-made carpet designs are uniform and based on a specific pattern, in which errors are rarely seen. But since hand-made rugs are hand-made and are sometimes woven without any pattern, the symmetry of the designs in them may be disturbed.
    Other differences between machine-made woolen carpets and hand-made woolen carpets include their roots. The roots of hand-made carpets are the yarns that are part of the carpet itself. Simply put, the roots are attached to it in a hand-made rug. But in machine-made carpets, the roots are sewn to it separately from the carpet and are not part of the carpet.
    It is good to know that the life of machine-made carpets, depending on their fibers and type of texture, is up to 20 years. Of course, you should note that machine-made wool area rugs, if well maintained, will last longer than this. But about hand-made woolen rugs, they will last for generations if they are well and carefully maintained. From this point of view, it is precious for antique dealers, collectors, and those who work in carpet weaving.

    What is the price of woolen and hand-made carpets?

    Hand-made woolen carpet

    Hand-made woolen carpet


    You probably know that machine-made carpets have much lower prices than hand-woven carpets because they are knotted with the machine. The weaving work of this type of carpets is done easily and quickly, and for this reason, their price estimation is cheaper than the types of hand-made carpets.
    On the other hand, because artists make hand-made rugs, it takes a long time to be woven. They are also of better quality, density, and thickness than machine-made carpets, and their texture is very laborious.
    Despite their very high price, hand-made woolen carpets have a special beauty and are considered valuable types of carpets. Among the types of carpets, carpets woven from wool are higher due to natural fibers and excellent material.

    Wool area carpet and its application in home decoration

    home decoration

    home decoration

    You must know that the only use of carpets in the house is not to cover the floor and floor of the environment. Rather, they play a key role in creating beauty, separating the living space, living room, room, and also wall decorations such as carpets.
    Carpets can also determine the composition and style of other items such as furniture, the type of paintings, curtains, etc. Therefore, carpets, especially high-quality wool area rugs with various colors and very eye-catching, are necessary for every home.

    The last word:

    advantages & disadvantages of wool area carpet ?
    In this article, we tried to introduce you to gs along with their special features and enumerate their advantages and disadvantages. We also looked at the differences between the two types of machine and hand-made, which can help you better identify it. Since our country is one of the top producers of high-quality sheep wool area carpets with special breeds, you can prepare the most beautiful type.







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