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What are Yusr Tasbih Beads

Yusur tasbihYusr Tasbih Beads are a unique and special addition to any Islamic collection. Made from high-quality materials like Tiger Eye, Turquoise, and Vintage Agate; these Tasbih beads are beautiful and meaningful to engage in the remembrance of Allah. Each Tasbih is carefully crafted to ensure that it is easy to use and long-lasting. Whether you’re looking for a Tasbih for personal use or to gift to a loved one, Yusr Tasbih Beads are a perfect choice. You can find these Tasbih beads and more at Ersaly, the leading online store for high-quality Islamic products.

Buy Yusr Tasbih Beads Online for Sale

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Yusr Misbaha

The Yusr Misbaha is a set of prayer beads made with high-quality gemstones that promote spiritual growth and emotional balance during prayer and meditation. The beads are crafted with care and precision, and each gemstone is chosen for its unique properties. Use the Yusr Misbaha to deepen your spiritual practice and connect with the divine.

Yusr Rosary

The Yusr Rosary is a beautiful and powerful tool for prayer and meditation. Made with high-quality gemstones, each bead is carefully chosen for its unique properties and ability to promote spiritual growth and emotional balance. Use the Yusr Rosary to deepen your connection with the divine and enhance your spiritual practice.

Coral (Marjan) Yusur Tasbih Benefits

Coral (Marjan) Yusur Tasbih Beads are believed to have the following benefits:

  • Spiritual Protection: Coral Yusur Tasbih Beads are believed to provide spiritual protection and ward off negative energy.
  • Physical Healing: It is said that wearing Coral Yusur Tasbih Beads can help with physical healing, particularly related to the heart and circulatory system.
  • Calming and Soothing: Coral Yusur Tasbih Beads are believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body, reducing stress and promoting inner peace.
  • Enhancing Creativity: It is believed that wearing Coral Yusur Tasbih Beads can enhance creativity and help with artistic expression.
  • Improving Relationships: Coral Yusur Tasbih Beads are believed to help with interpersonal relationships, promoting love, harmony, and understanding.

Yusr Tasbih Beads Price

The price of Yusr tasbih beads can vary depending on several factors such as quality, design, and brand reputation. Yusr is a well-known brand for producing high-quality tasbih beads, and their prices typically reflect the quality of their product. Additionally, certain stones used in Yusr tasbihs, such as rare or historical stones, can increase their price. It’s important to research and compares prices from reputable sellers before purchasing to avoid being scammed. Overall, Yusr tasbih beads are a good investment for those seeking high-quality and durable tasbihs.


What is Yusr Tasbih made of?

Yusr Tasbih is made of high-quality Yemeni Aqeeq stones and features a distinct design with a single bead separated from the rest of the string.

What are the benefits of using Yusr Tasbih?

Using Yusr Tasbih is believed to bring a sense of calmness and tranquility and improve concentration during meditation and dhikr. It is also considered a valuable spiritual tool for connecting with Allah and seeking His blessings.

What makes Yusr Tasbih unique?

Yusr Tasbih’s unique design, featuring a single bead separated from the rest of the string, sets it apart from other tasbihs. Additionally, the high-quality Yemeni Aqeeq stones used in its construction are known for their unique patterns and colors, making each tasbih one-of-a-kind.