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What are Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih) Beads

Yaqoot, or Ruby or Red Garnet, is a beautiful and rare gemstone often used in tasbeehs (tasbihs) or Islamic prayer beads. Yaqoot tasbih beads are believed to hold special significance in Islamic spirituality due to their unique properties and beauty.

Using a Yaqoot tasbih during prayer is believed to help promote clarity of thought, increase focus, and enhance one’s connection to the Divine. The beauty of the Yaqoot gemstone itself is said to have a calming effect on the mind and heart, making it easier to concentrate during prayer and meditation.

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Yaqoot Misbaha

This beautiful misbaha is made from genuine Yaqoot (Ruby) beads. The deep red color of the beads gives a rich and luxurious look to the misbaha. Yaqoot is believed to have many benefits, including improving energy levels, enhancing motivation, and increasing positive energy.

Yaqoot Rosary

This stunning rosary is made from genuine Yaqoot (Ruby) beads, known for their deep red color and beauty. Yaqoot is believed to have many benefits, including improving energy levels, enhancing motivation, and increasing positive energy. This rosary is perfect for anyone who loves unique and high-quality prayer beads.

Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih) Benefits

Yaqoot is a precious stone commonly used for tasbih beads. Some benefits of using Yaqoot Tasbih beads include:

  1. Protection: Yaqoot is believed to protect against negative energies and evil influences.

  2. Courage and strength: It is believed that Yaqoot tasbih beads can help to boost courage, confidence, and inner strength.

  3. Emotional balance: Yaqoot is said to help balance emotions and bring a sense of calm and stability to the wearer.

Overall, using Yaqoot Tasbih beads during dhikr can help enhance spiritual practices and promote a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih) Price

The price of a Yaqoot tasbih can vary depending on several factors. The stone’s quality, the beads’ size, and the craftsmanship can influence the price. The seller’s reputation and the stone’s rarity can also affect the price. It is recommended to research prices from reputable sellers and compare them before making a purchase. In terms of the properties of Yaqoot, it is believed to promote courage, confidence, and strength. It is also thought to have healing properties for the heart and circulatory system.


  • What is Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih)?

Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih) is a prayer bead made of Carnelian stone, also known as Aqeeq or Hakik in Arabic. It is a common type of Tasbih used in Muslim cultures.

  • How many beads are there in a Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih)?

A Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih) typically has 99 or 33 beads, with a few additional spacer beads in between. Some versions may have a tassel at the end, while others may not.

  • What are the benefits of using a Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih)?

It is believed that using a Yaqoot Tasbeeh (Tasbih) can help people focus their minds on reciting religious prayers and invocations. The Carnelian stone used in the beads also has spiritual and healing properties, such as promoting courage, confidence, and motivation.