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Who is Bibi Ummul Baneen Tasbih?

Ummul Baneen TasbihBibi Ummul Baneen is known in history as a poetess and eloquent woman from an authentic and brave family. She had four sons named Abbas, Jafar, Abdullah, and Uthman. She was given the title of Umm al-Banin, meaning mother of sons. She was not present in Karbala, but all her sons were martyred alongside Imam Hussein (AS). For this reason, Umm al-Banin has a holy and elevated position among the people of Iran and Muslim women. People seek her intercession to fulfill their wishes, fulfill their heart’s desires, find stability in their affairs, and increase their patience in hardships and suffering.

What is the Ummul Baneen Tasbih?

The Ummul Baneen Tasbih is a colorful and popular type of tasbih among Muslims. It’s various colors and beautiful designs make it unique and appealing to buyers.

The reason for its name comes from various accounts, but the strongest one suggests that Ummul Baneen Tasbih used to collect the beads of broken tasbihs, bind them together, and make a new tasbih for herself. As a result, these colorful tasbihs became known as the Ummul Baneen Tasbih Tasbih.

Ummul Baneen Misbaha

The Ummul Baneen Tasbih is a misbaha, a type of Islamic prayer bead used to keep count of repetitive prayers or recitations of the names of Allah. It is made of Agate stones, which provide a powerful combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties. The Ummul Baneen Tasbih is named after the mother of Abbas ibn Ali, who was known for her piety and devotion to Islam. Using the Ummul Baneen Tasbih in spiritual practice can help promote peace, tranquility, and healing.

What is the original material of the Ummul Baneen Tasbih, and what are its properties?

This Tasbih is made of agate stone and has many properties. Some of the properties mentioned for this Tasbih include:

It regulates the third chakra, the neural network under the stomach, and the fifth chakra, the throat or larynx. It balances emotions and leads to the healing of the heart. It creates a sense of happiness. It relieves neck pain. It increases blessings and wealth. It protects the owner against accidents and disasters.

Carrying the Tasbih of Ummul Baneen brings good luck and prosperity to its owner. This Tasbih is recommended to prevent severe bleeding, especially for women. The Tasbih of Umm al-Baneen is soothing and useful for spiritual distress and grief relief.

Shopping for Tasbih of Ummul Baneen Tasbih

One popular Tasbih with many fans is the Tasbih of Ummul Baneen. The reason for its popularity is its colorful appearance.


  • Why is the Tasbih of Ummul Baneen very colorful?

Some say that this is because Hazrat Ummul Baneen used to make her Tasbihs from the broken Tasbihs of others. These Tasbihs have become known by her name.

  • How can I use the Ummul Baneen Tasbih in my spiritual practice?

The Ummul Baneen Tasbih can be used in various spiritual practices, such as meditation, prayer, or carrying it throughout the day. When using the Tasbih in meditation or prayer, focus on the intention of healing and allow the energy of the stones to support your practice.

  • Is the Ummul Baneen Tasbih suitable for everyone?

The Ummul Baneen Tasbih is generally suitable for anyone interested in incorporating natural healing stones into their spiritual practice. However, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary, and it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using any new healing practices or techniques.