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Who is Bibi Ummul Baneen Tasbih?

Ummul Baneen TasbihBibi Ummul Baneen is known in history as a poetess and eloquent woman from an authentic and brave family. She had four sons named Abbas, Jafar, Abdullah, and Uthman.

She was given the title of Umm al-Banin, meaning mother of sons. She was not present in Karbala, but all her sons were martyred alongside Imam Hussein (AS). For this reason, Umm al-Banin has a holy and elevated position among the people of Iran and Muslim women. People seek her intercession to fulfill their wishes, fulfill their heart’s desires, find stability in their affairs, and increase their patience in hardships and suffering.

Tasbeeh Ummul Baneen Benefits

The Tasbeeh Ummul Baneen is not merely a string of beads; it’s a vessel that carries centuries of spiritual significance. Each bead represents a moment of reflection, a heartbeat of prayer, a pause for gratitude. Users of the Tasbeeh Ummul Baneen find a soothing rhythm in their recitations, a pattern that harmonizes their daily lives with the divine.

The benefits extend beyond spiritual calmness; engaging with the Tasbeeh has been known to refine focus, discipline, and mindfulness in our distracted world.

It encourages a meditative state that fosters inner peace and facilitates a deep connection with the Almighty. With regular use, practitioners of faith articulate feeling centered, connected to their lineage and imbued with a sense of purpose and tranquility that permeates every aspect of their lives.

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