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The Tasbeeh Bracelet is a popular accessory used in Islamic culture for counting prayers, also known as dhikr. This bracelet is a string of beads wrapped around the wrist and used to keep track of the number of times a particular prayer is recited. The Tasbeeh Bracelet is a functional tool and a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be worn as a symbol of faith.

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Tasbeeh Bracelet Bead Price

The price of Tasbeeh bracelets can vary depending on the materials used and the design. Some Tasbeeh bracelets can be found for as low as $5, while others can cost upwards of $100.

Tasbeeh Bracelet Specifications

Tasbeeh bracelets come in various specifications, including the number of beads, the material used, and the design. Some Tasbeeh bracelets are adjustable, allowing the wearer to customize the size to fit their wrist. Others may include features such as tassels, charms, or engraved verses.

Tasbeeh Bracelet Benefits

The benefits of using a Tasbeeh bracelet go beyond the physical act of counting beads. For many, it serves as a reminder of their faith and a tool for mindfulness and meditation. The repetitive movement of beads can help calm the mind and focus on spiritual reflection. Tasbeeh bracelets also make for thoughtful gifts for loved ones.


How many beads are typically on a Tasbeeh bracelet Bead?

Tasbeeh bracelets can have anywhere from 33 to 99 beads, with some even having 100 or more.

Can men and women wear Tasbeeh bracelets?

Yes, Tasbeeh bracelets are unisex and can be worn by anyone.

Are Tasbeeh bracelets durable?

Yes, many Tasbeeh bracelets are made with high-quality materials such as gemstones or precious metals, making them durable and long-lasting.