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What are Shah Maqsood Tasbih

Shah Maqsood TasbihShah Maqsood is a type of agate stone commonly used in tasbih beads. It is a type of Yemeni agate named after a village in Yemen where it is found. The stone uniquely blends brown and yellow colors and often features natural patterns and designs. Shah Maqsood tasbih beads are highly valued for their beauty and unique appearance.

Shah Maqsood Tasbih Beads are one of the best-selling products at Ersaly, the online store for high-quality Islamic products. These Tasbih beads are made from natural materials like Quartz, Resin, Sadaf, Sandalus, and Serpentine and are crafted with authenticity and attention to detail.
Shah Maqsood Tasbih Beads are known for their durability and unique design, making them a favorite among customers looking for a luxurious addition to their prayer routine or wanting to deepen their spiritual journey.

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