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What are Red Coral Tasbih Beads

Red Coral TasbihRed coral is a gemstone that is used to make tasbih beads. It is made from the exoskeleton of marine polyps, which create coral reefs. The stone has a deep red color and a polished, smooth surface. In tasbih making, red coral is often used for its spiritual properties and aesthetic appeal. It is believed to have healing properties and promote inner peace and emotional balance.

Red Coral Tasbih is an Islamic prayer bead made from natural red coral stone. The stone is believed to have various spiritual and healing properties, making it a popular material for Tasbih beads. The vibrant red color of the coral adds to its beauty and uniqueness.

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Red Coral Misbaha

Red Coral is a stunning material for Islamic prayer beads. It has been used for centuries and has spiritual significance in many cultures. The Red Coral Misbaha and Rosary are beautifully crafted and feature 99 beads, representing the 99 names of Allah. They make excellent gifts and are powerful tools for spiritual practice.

Red Coral Tasbih Benefits

Red Coral Tasbih beads are believed to have various benefits, including:

  • Promoting inner peace and tranquility: Red Coral is said to have calming properties that can help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of inner peace.
  • Improving concentration and focus: Wearing or using Red Coral Tasbih beads during meditation or prayer is believed to help improve concentration and focus, allowing the mind to become clearer and more focused.
  • Enhancing physical health: It is said that Red Coral Tasbih beads can help improve blood circulation, boost the immune system, and aid in the absorption of nutrients, promoting overall physical health.

Red Coral Tasbih Beads Price

The price of red coral tasbih beads can vary depending on quality, design, and brand reputation. Generally, red coral tasbih beads are considered more expensive due to the rarity and natural beauty of the coral. Red coral tasbih beads can range from around 200, depending on the quality of the beads and the design. 


  • What is Red Coral Tasbih?

Red Coral Tasbih is a Muslim prayer bead made from Red Coral stones. It is used by Muslims during prayer and is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and protection from evil.

  • How are Red Coral Tasbih Beads made?

Red Coral Tasbih beads are made by stringing together small, polished beads made from natural Red Coral stones. The beads are usually round and vary in size.

  • What are the benefits of using Red Coral Tasbih Beads?

Red Coral Tasbih Beads are believed to bring many benefits, including good luck, prosperity, protection from evil, and improved physical health. It is also believed to help calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety during prayer.