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What are Opal Tasbih Beads

Opal Tasbih BeadsOpal Tasbih Beads are a beautiful and unique type of Islamic prayer beads. They are made from opal, a precious gemstone known for its iridescent and vibrant colors. Opal Tasbih Beads are believed to have spiritual and healing properties, making them a popular choice for those seeking a deeper connection to their faith.

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Opal Misbaha

The opal misbaha is a unique and beautiful prayer bead made of opal stone. Opal is known for its mesmerizing and changing colors, which makes this misbaha particularly special. It is believed to bring the wearer hope, creativity, and inspiration during their prayers.

Opal Rosary

The opal rosary is a stunning religious item with shimmering and colorful opal stone. It is designed to help the wearer focus on their prayers and meditation. The opal is believed to symbolize hope, purity, and innocence, making this rosary a meaningful and powerful tool for spiritual reflection.

Opal Tasbih Benefits

Opal Tasbih Beads are prayer beads made from opal gemstone. Here are some potential benefits of using them:

  • Emotional healing: Opal is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and emotions. It may help alleviate anxiety and depression and promote inner peace and tranquility.
  • Creativity: Opal is associated with creativity and inspiration. Using opal tasbih beads during meditation or prayer may help enhance your creativity and bring new ideas to light.
  • Spiritual growth: Opal is believed to be a powerful stone for spiritual growth and development. It may help you connect with your higher self and deepen your spiritual practice.

It’s worth noting that the benefits of opal tasbih beads are largely based on traditional beliefs and anecdotal evidence and may vary from person to person.

Opal Tasbih Price

The price of Opal Tasbih beads can vary widely based on several factors, including the size, quality, and place of origin. Opal Tasbih beads are typically made of natural opal stones, which are rare and valuable. The price of Opal Tasbih beads can range from 500 or more, depending on these factors. It’s important to research and compares prices from different sellers to ensure a fair price for the desired type of Tasbih beads. Additionally, buyers should be cautious of counterfeit or synthetic opal beads, which may be sold at lower prices.


What is the meaning of Opal Tasbih beads?

Opal Tasbih beads are known for their beauty and opalescent colors. They are believed to represent hope, purity, and good luck.

What are the benefits of using Opal Tasbih beads in meditation?

Opal Tasbih beads enhance spiritual awareness and bring peace to the mind. They can also help to balance emotions, release negative energy, and promote positive thinking.

How are Opal Tasbih beads traditionally used?

Opal Tasbih beads are typically used in Islamic prayer, where they are counted to keep track of recitations of particular prayers or verses from the Quran. They can also be used in other forms of meditation or spiritual practice.