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Large Wooden Backgammon SetBuy Large Wooden Backgammon Set for Sale

A large wooden backgammon set is an excellent addition to any game room, family room, or den. These sets are beautifully crafted and designed for a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. At, we offer a variety of large wooden backgammon sets handmade by skilled artisans using premium quality materials. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when purchasing a large wooden backgammon set from our store.

Our large wooden backgammon sets are available in various sizes and styles, all crafted from the finest materials, such as solid wood, leather, and metal. Each set comes with a backgammon board, with playing pieces, dice, a doubling cube, and a storage case for easy transport and storage.

The craftsmanship of our backgammon sets is unmatched, with intricate detailing and smooth, polished finishes that make them a pleasure to use. The larger size of these sets makes them perfect for playing with friends and family, providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

A large wooden backgammon set is a perfect choice if you want a unique and stylish addition to your game room. Its a timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship will provide years of enjoyment and make a beautiful addition to any home decor. offers a wide selection of large wooden backgammon sets, all carefully crafted and designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned backgammon player or just starting, our sets are the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their gaming experience.

 Large Wooden Backgammon Set Price

The price of a large wooden backgammon set can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the wood, the craftsmanship, and the design. However, on average, a high-quality large wooden backgammon set can cost anywhere from $150 to $5000 or more.

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