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What are Large Wood Tasbih Beads

Large Wood TasbihLarge Wood Tasbih Beads are a type of prayer beads that are made from high-quality natural wood. These beads are larger than traditional tasbih beads, making them ideal for people with larger hands. The larger size also allows for a more comfortable grip during prayer, making the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

The natural wood material used in making these beads adds to their aesthetic appeal, giving them a unique and rustic look that is perfect for those who appreciate natural and organic products. If you want to buy Large Wood Tasbih Beads or any other Islamic product, Ersaly is the perfect online store.

Buy Large Wood Tasbih Beads Online for Sale

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Large Wood Misbaha

The Large Wood Misbaha is a traditional Islamic prayer bead made of natural wood materials such as olive, date, or walnut. These beads are believed to promote grounding, calmness, and spiritual growth, making them a powerful tool for connecting with Allah during prayer and meditation.

Large Wood Rosary

The Large Wood Rosary is a Christian prayer bead made of natural wood materials such as rosewood, sandalwood, or ebony. These beads are believed to promote emotional balance and spiritual growth, making them a powerful tool for connecting with God during prayer and meditation. The cross at the end of the rosary represents the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Large Wood Tasbih Benefits

Large Wood Tasbih Beads are typically made from the wood of different trees, such as oak, ebony, rosewood, or sandalwood, and are used for Islamic prayer and spiritual practices. Here are some of the benefits of using large wood Tasbih Beads:

  1. It helps to focus the mind and find inner peace during prayer and meditation.
  2. It can promote a sense of calmness, relaxation, and grounding.
  3. The natural texture and aroma of the wood can enhance the sensory experience of Tasbih and provide a tactile and olfactory sensation that is pleasing to the senses.

Large Wood Tasbih Price

The price of large wood Tasbih beads can vary widely depending on the type of wood used, the craftsmanship, and the design. If you are specifically looking for Kuka wood Tasbih beads, they are generally priced between 50, depending on the size and design. However, if you are interested in other types of wood, such as ebony or sandalwood, the price can range from 100 or more, depending on the quality and size of the beads. Researching and comparing prices before purchasing is important to ensure a fair price.


  • What is the size of Large Wood Tasbih Beads?

Large Wood Tasbih Beads can vary, but typically they are larger than standard tasbih beads, usually between 12mm to 20mm in diameter.

  • What kind of wood is used to make Large Wood Tasbih Beads?

Large Wood Tasbih Beads can be made from various kinds of wood, including ebony, oak, rosewood, and teak.

  • What are the benefits of using Large Wood Tasbih Beads for meditation?

Large Wood Tasbih Beads can provide a grounding and calming effect during meditation due to their natural texture and weight. Their larger size can also make them easier to handle and manipulate, which can help with focus and concentration.