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What are Bone Tasbih Beads

Bone Tasbih Beads

Bone tasbih beads are popular prayer beads made from animals’ bones, typically cows or camels. These beads are known for their durability and strength, making them ideal for daily use. The use of bone tasbih beads has a long history in Islamic tradition, as they are believed to have a powerful spiritual significance.

They are often used during prayer and meditation to help focus the mind and deepen one’s connection with the divine. If you want to purchase bone tasbih beads, look no further than Ersaly, an online store offering a wide range of tasbih bracelets made from 100% pure and natural materials.

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Bone Misbaha

The Bone Misbaha is a unique tasbih made with beads carved from animal bones. It is often used in Sufi and Islamic spiritual practices and is believed to promote humility, patience, and inner peace. It is a simple yet powerful tool for meditation and mindfulness.

Bone Rosary

The Bone Rosary is a Catholic rosary made with beads carved from animal bones. It represents the body’s mortality and the impermanence of life, reminding us to focus on spiritual growth and prepare for the afterlife. It is often used for prayer and meditation.

Bone Tasbih Beads Price

the price of Bone Tasbih Beads can vary widely depending on factors such as the quality, size, and design of the beads, as well as the seller’s location and reputation. It’s best to research and compare prices from different vendors before purchasing. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the seller is reputable and that the beads are made from ethically sourced bones.

Bone Tasbih Beads Benefits

Bone Tasbih beads are unique prayer beads made from animal bones. They have been used for centuries as a tool for meditation and spiritual growth and have many benefits for those who use them regularly. Here are some of the benefits of bone Tasbih beads:

  • Grounding and centering: Using bone Tasbih beads can help ground and center the mind and body, allowing for greater focus and clarity during meditation or prayer.

  • Spiritual connection: Bone Tasbih beads can also help to deepen one’s spiritual connection, allowing for a greater sense of peace and connectedness to the divine.

  • Physical healing: Some believe that bone Tasbih beads have physical healing properties, helping to alleviate pain and promote overall wellness.

Bone Tasbih beads are a beautiful and meaningful tool for those who wish to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with the divine.


What is Bone Tasbih Bead made of?

Bone Tasbih Beads are made of natural animal bones cleaned, polished, and crafted into beads for tasbih.

How many beads are usually in a Bone Tasbih?

A typical Bone Tasbih Bead contains either 33 or 99 beads, which are used to count the repetition of prayers.

Is a Bone Tasbih Bead suitable for all types of tasbih?

Bone Tasbih Beads are mostly used for Islamic tasbih, but they can also be used for other spiritual practices. However, it is important to note that some religions or spiritual traditions may have specific requirements for their tasbih beads.