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Negin Mashhad Carpet

Negin Mashhad Carpet company is one of the biggest and the most famous producers of machine-woven carpets in Iran. The main production of this company consists of high quality machine-woven carpets with 500 and 700 reeds (read as 2100 and 2550 densities, respectively) and 1200 reeds (corresponding to the density of 3600). Carpets produced by this company have a variety of delicate and enchanting designs in both traditional and modern styles. 

Negin Mashhad Carpet company was established in 1992 and ever since has been focused on customer satisfaction. To obtain such a goal, this company has implemented a supervised system for maintaining quality of its products, based on the ISO9001/2008 quality management standards. 

Negin Mashhad Carpet Negin Mashhad Carpet Company

Technical properties of carpets from Negin Mashhad Carpet company

The carpet with design …. belongs to the 700 reed series of Negin Mashhad Carpet production line that comes with the length density of 2550. The width density of carpets is often referred to as its reed and it is measured as the number of knots per meter. The latter is the main factor considered for price determination of machine-woven carpets: The larger number of knots corresponds to the higher reeds and consequently the more delicate patterns for the carpet which inevitably raises its price. 

The yarn material of Negin Mashhad Carpet’s products

Nowadays, most of the machine-woven carpets are made of two (to three) materials: Acrylic yarns, artificial silk (known as polyester) or a combination of these two options. However, Acrylic yarns are more durable, color consistent despite light or washing procedures, more resistant against heat and can preserve the shape and beauty of carpets for a longer time. 

Negin Mashhad Carpet uses 100 percent Acrylic yarns of the Bayer company in Germany. Prior to the weaving step, yarns will be heated through the “heat set” procedure, up to 70 to 80 degrees. This procedure makes yarns smoother and hence, walking on carpets would be a more pleasant experience. 

It should also be noted that all products of Negin Mashhad Carpet company are anti-allergic and static electricity free. Hence, using these carpets will not cause any inhaling problems or skin complications. These properties make products of this carpet company safe choices for families who have infants and small kids at home.