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Types of salt and the healthiest type of salt to consume

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  • Recognition Types of salt And the characteristics of each

    Salt is the most beneficial and widely used product worldwide. In the culinary world, salt has always been an essential ingredient for making different foods and is the most useful product in professional homes and kitchens in the world, so it is important to know which types are healthier, to know the types of salt and choose the healthiest of them with us in this Article Get along.

    it’s natural salt or table salt :

    Table salt is the most popular and cheapest salt on the market. Aquifer salt is a refined salt that is usually extracted from underground salt reserves. Sodium chloride is one of the main elements of this type of salt. To eliminate the minerals of this salt, it is processed and additives are used to prevent it from being pelletized.

    Iodine is added to most oral salts because it is essential for thyroid function. However, if you have problems Thyroid Be infected, the added iodine in oral salt does not compensate for the harms of additives and its processing. Most adults who have no disease have their daily iodine through common foods such as dairy, seafood and Eggs receive. A table salt has the same grain and texture as kosher salt, but there are many reasons why we use it a little more than kosher salt or sea.

    Types of salt and the healthiest type of salt to consume

    Sea salt :

    Most marine salts are produced by evaporation of seawater, although some do not go through this process. Quality marine salts are produced in a long evaporation process (about five years), while refined marine salts are produced cheaper and through the rapid evaporation process, but it cannot be considered incomprested.

    This type of salt has compounds such as chloride, sodium, iodine and fluorine and other additives. Chloride and sodium are the main compounds of these salts and have a grayish color. High-quality sea salt and refined sea salt have distinct applications in the kitchen, giving foods a stronger taste than normal and natural salts, this type of salt is much healthier and more expensive than natural salts.

    Sea salt Maldon:

    Maldon Sea Salts is one of the most affordable yet quality sea salt options available on the market that have crispy seeds and good taste due to their lack of any additives. This type of salt is mostly used during cooking to dissolve during the cooking process.

    Maldon Smoked Sea Salt:

    Another great yet affordable option is Maldon’s smoked sea salt. It has refined salt and high quality. Also, it has a caramel color and a smoky taste that will be seasoned without overcoming the taste of the food.

    Like all sea salts, this salt is pure and natural and has no additives. Eat grilled meats and fish with sea smoked salt. 

    Celtic Sea Salt :

    Not all sea salts have big seeds. For example, the seeds of Celtic Sea salt are very fine, meaning it can be used when cooking like kosher salt. This type of salt, regardless of good flavor, is rich in the essential minerals required by the body, which enriches food and ensures your health.

    Himalayan salt:

    In recent years, many people have tended to consume Himalayan salt. This salt is extracted in pink and from stone crystals near the Himalayas and usually in Pakistan. Himalayan salts are a rare variety of salts that are great for bodily functions. Himalayan salts, such as quality sea salt, contain important minerals such as Potassium It’s manganese, iron and zinc that the body needs to function better..

    Himalayan pink salt powder has a pink color due to mineral impurities and can be used in different ways in the kitchen.

    Finer grains of this salt can be used in cooking, such as kosher salt or sea salt, while larger seeds can be grinded or used in decorations.

    Coarse Himalayan salts have a softer taste than kosher or sea salt, so sprinkling it on takeaways or even fruits won’t have much effect on their taste.

    Since this salt is extracted, there may be some sediment or pebble in its mixture, so be sure to remove them and grind the salt before using for cooking.

    Kosher salt:

    Kosher salt is suitable for cooking and can be used in almost any recipe. It also has a cheap price and no additives.

    Mineral Salt :

    This type of salt comes from the upper layers of sea salt mines, which use traditional and exceptional techniques to collect it from the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, and because of its special flavor, it is used in the recipes for delicious foods. It’s a wrong hypothesis, that consuming it won’t absorb and conserve water if you compare with other salts, you’ll find that its sodium content is 15% and sodium chloride is 92.9% lower and has a weaker ratio compared to taste because it dissolves easily in your mouth..

    Persian Blue Salt :

    This unique salt, which is extracted from the salt lake in Iran, is very rich in minerals and a little sweet. The blue color of this type of salt is caused by compressing the salt structure naturally and over the years.

    Persian blue rock salt

    Types of salt

    Which type of salt is the healthiest?

    Choosing a type of salt, as the best and healthiest, is difficult, as each of them has its own unique characteristics, however salts lacking additives are healthier than processed salts, so table salt is not the healthiest and best choice, and you should choose healthier salts according to the information provided about each salt..

    According to some claims, Himalayan salt is said to have a large amount of essential minerals including calcium, potassium and Magnesium It is in high health. However, the level of these minerals in salt may not be enough and may have serious effects on the health of the body.

    Some experts guarantee the health of sea salt. Natural sea salt, has essential minerals and can restore or maintain electrolyte levels in the body and prevent Dehydration Help.

    Do not over in dive any salt that sodium chloride is the main ingredient. Excessive consumption of salt is dangerous and causes cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, Osteoporosis And… be. You can get sodium chloride from a variety of foods. Spices and aromatic herbs can also be a good alternative to salts.

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