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  • Grade 1 Premium Persian Pistachios
  • Roasted & Salted Saffrony
  • 100% Pure, Natural Persian pistachios
  • pistachios are chosen from the best Iranian pistachio farms.
  • Packaging Weight :450 gr
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Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachios

Golestan Kalleh Ghouchi pistachios are chosen from the best Iranian pistachio farms. Due to their big size and good taste, Kalleh Ghouchi pistachios are very popular. They are available in different forms; raw, salted or flavored with saffron.

Quality in Novin Saffron

Pistachio trees originally come from the Middle East, Persia (Iran), Syria, Turkey, and Greece where dry lands and desert climates are available. Pistachio trees have been cultivated for more than three thousands years. Persian high positioned desert regions with abundance of sunshine are ideal for growing pistachios. Some deserts located in the south of Iran such as in the Kerman province exceed two hundred thousands hectares with perfect soil for the growth of pistachio trees. Pistachio trees planted in orchards need approximately seven to ten years to reach maturity.

Between Iranian people pistachios are known as “Green Gold” and are considered as an important commodity in both nutritional and economical forms. Pistachios occupy a special place in the heart of every Iranian. Pistachios can be found in every Iranian household because they have become a part of the Iranian culture by bringing families together and are seen a delicacy being offered to a guest who may just drop in for a visit and a cup of tea.

The purity, quality and hygiene desired and expected by the consumer of this precious product are not just a matter of control at Novin Saffron company but the policy, responsibility and plan of the management and personnel of all the departments. The product traceability system we employ enables us to be completely answerable to you. A reference number is recorded on all packaging, consignment documents, etc. for each individual order so that all the relevant information such as the origin of the saffron, test results and names of personnel responsible is available.
To us quality control means that we can trace the contents of every package we sell back to the field from which it came.

Nutrition Facts

According to the research at Pennsylvania State University, one of the advantages of pistachio is to reduce levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL cholesterol) at the same time increasing antioxidant levels in the serum of volunteers. Since pistachios are a rich source of dietary more than 90% of the fat is the healthy unsaturated type such as mono and polyunsaturated fat, mostly as oleic acid consists 55% of the fat in pistachios.

Based on Human studies consumption of 32-63 grams of pistachios per day can improve plasma levels of lutein, alpha-carontene, gamma-tocopherol and beta-carotene as well as decreasing blood pressure in the elderly.

Pistachio is also a natural snack for the health-conscious; it is also a great ingredient in the preparation of different foods and sweets and is served during party time and family gatherings. Among dried nuts, pistachio has the highest nutritional value and protein as well as high percentage of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and all the necessary amino acids (100 grams of edible pistachio contains about 600 calories, in which 53% fat, 21% protein, 18% carbohydrates, 2.2% fiber and no cholesterol pistachios are also rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, and E) (Aghdaie, 2009).

In addition, Consumption of pistachio helps to reduce the risk of heart attack as well as death from coronary disease (Malhorta, 2008, p 360). In order to realise the unique taste of pistachio, it should be eaten when it is salted, roasted and out of the shell.

In addition, those who want to lose weight should substitute pistachios for regular snacks. As pistachios are very have low calories and can make you feel being full. However, pistachios are rich source of nutrition but in order to succeed in the weight loss plan consumption of pistachios should be controlled.

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